Monte Pelmo


The legacy handed down to us by Mr. De Bernard consists not only of recipes, but also of stories. In one of these, Ferruccio recalls the meeting with a London tourist, which took place during one of his frequent mountain excursions: it is a hot summer evening, the setting sun rests on the massif of Mount Pelmo. Downstream then, the two meet again and Ferruccio offers his Forestal Gin to the tourist, who adds a grapefruit peel. Struck Ferruccio, notes this detail in his diary, smiling at the assonance between the fruit and the mountain and perhaps expecting to one day add a Mediterranean flavor to his mountain gin. Kapriol Mt Pelmo presents itself to the nose with fresh and Mediterranean aromas. On the palate it is soft and persistent, a light note of pink grapefruit merges with the subtle bitter flavors of hops. This gin has a low percentage of sugar and is delicate and aromatic on the palate. The citrus note makes Kapriol Mt Pelmo perfect for a classic Gin Tonic.

Kapriol Monte Pelmo